ambassador application

We get a lot of questions about if you can become an Ambassador so this a questionnaire form that made it easier to keep track of everyone's response! Since we do NOT do one time promotions anymore, because it is just not in our budget, there is either the PR list or becoming an ambassador! You can get on our PR list first to be looked at as an ambassador later!
As an ambassador, you will get sent a package every month! You will get to choose two items, even have the first pick of our new arrivals! If there is something this still in stock in our store you are more than welcome to choose from there! You MUST be following us on all platforms! You will be featured on our website
with your, Instagram handles so others can follow you as well! We will support you like how you support us! You will be required to sign a contract if you accept the position.

If you do NOT fill out this form we will NOT consider you, even if you email us or DM us! Unless WE reach out to you!

We will contact you through email if you fulfill our requirements as well as seem like a good fit!

If the link does not work email us or DM us! We will gladly give it to you!